«Basic of Electrical Engineering and Electronics» for cadets in the specialty 272 «Air transport», educational and professional program «Flight operation of aircraft»

The purpose of the discipline

The purpose of teaching the discipline "Basic of Electrical Engineering and Electronics" is the formation of cadets' systematic knowledge of the basics of electrical engineering and electronics. necessary for them in their professional activities in the operation of aircraft.

Tasks of discipline

The main tasks of studying the discipline " Basic of Electrical Engineering and Electronics" are the formation of a future specialists complex of engineering knowledge:

- basic laws of electric circuits of direct, alternating single-phase and three-phase currents, magnetic circuits;

- design, principles of operation and technical characteristics of electric machines of direct and alternating currents;

- basics of semiconductor elements and electronic devices based on them.


basic laws and relations in DC and AC circuits, magnetic circuits;

• the principle of operation and structure of transformers, generators, electric motors of direct and alternating current and their main characteristics;

• the principle of operation and structure of electrical measuring instruments of different systems;

• basic characteristics of semiconductor elements and principles of structure of radio-electronic computing devices based on them;

• basic properties of radio waves, features of their formation and propagation.

Be able:

• understand electrical and simple electronic circuits;

• calculate the simplest DC and AC circuits;

• apply knowledge of basic concepts and laws of electrical engineering and electronics in the study of disciplines "Electrical equipment of aircraft", "Aircraft devices" and "Radio equipment of aircraft";

• use electrical measuring instruments to measure electrical quantities.

Be familiar:

on the development of electrical engineering and electronics in compatible industries.